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Office of Chancellor

-------- Forwarded message --------

Subject: The Lord's matter and commission

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 08:43:29 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany,  

To the Federal Chancellery

And Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1

10557 Berlin

To the Roman Catholic Church

For Attention of Cardinal R. Marx and Bishop G. Bätzing  


Germany, Luebeck, 9 July 2021    

The German-language document you may find here!

Chancellor: I enjoyed it, it was exciting and ..........!

A Thunderbolt from the Empress.  

Dear Clergy, Dear Mrs Merkel, Dear Members of the Federal Government of all the so-called Christian Parties, Dear Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

How nice that Mrs Merkel has enjoyed being Chancellor and the most powerful woman in the world.

Unfortunately, she now seems to be of the opinion that she has done her job well, so that she can hand over her office as Chancellor with the best of her knowledge and conscience, in the hope that she will also be remembered well.   

So far, my person is not of this opinion at all!  

Even a woman and academically well-educated, multilingual physicist with a high intellect and a doctorate from a Protestant home will one day, which will not be very far off, stand before her judge and, like every other human being, she will also have to give an account of her life and her life's work in front of her Creator.  


Perhaps the Creator will ask: Have you always considered for the people that at the end of every life there will be an assignment by me, my Son and my adversary, and have you always prepared and guided the people towards this?  

Did you not know that poverty in the slums can lead to serious infectious diseases or epidemics and that in the globalised world pandemics are very quickly the answer to these miserable conditions of many people in the Third World?  

Could you really not expect a pandemic or really not know that epidemics can also arise through human contact with certain animals, especially through the poverty of the people, often in the slums and spread as pandemics?

Did you take precautions and safety measures in case of an accident in a laboratory and viruses or bacteria hive them off and spread or chemical weapons are turned against the people?

Why did you publicly apologise for a trifle during the pandemic regulations but not for failing to take precautions for the developments of pandemics?

Were you the only one in this regard or did others also recklessly form a government and play "govern"?    

What precautions did you take for a nuclear attack? What provisions have you made for earthquakes, storms, disasters, contaminated groundwater and crop failures?  

What provisions have you made for a nuclear accident for the people, since your neighbouring countries are upgrading nuclear power plants but you have ensured disarmament in your country?

Which laws did you create against my will and which ones did you break at the same time?

Which of my great "Sons" accepted and allowed these laws without comment or without a fight, and how did you make this possible?   

Why did you subordinate yourselves to the game of football by relaxing the pandemic regulations against experience regarding the DELTA mutation and why did you open up tourism without perceiving the real purpose of the journeys which my manager (Empress) had laid down for you in writing including security measures?


These and many other tests will take place with all people all over the world exactly at the end of each life, but there will always be a natural hierarchy in this respect, which will certainly be taken into account in order to be able to administer a very exact justice!

The male gender stands before the female gender in this respect for natural reasons, since we humans are bound as an image to a Creator and not to a "creatress" and have received life through him and his Creation.  

A person's intellect and age as well as religious affiliation follow unmistakably, with a person's culture and education also being authoritative in the hierarchy.  

Now my person would like to know whether Mrs Merkel is to be held responsible for her political work at the end of the chain, whereby very good and important diplomatic work was also done by her, or whether it will not be a man who comes from a Roman Catholic house and who has reached a certain age with an excellent education and with a high intellect!?

Which described state might that be, which must be able to bear the responsibility at the end of the chain and which succession of the responsibility of mankind leads to the end of the chain?

Since my person was also involved quite at the end of the chain, I would like to point out to you and all others once again the time pressure, because there may indeed exist a predetermined "security" and solution for the first case of a nuclear escalation, which some initiated circles of people could probably guess or even confirm.  

Furthermore, my person would like to refer again to the safety risk of an aeroplane for tourism, since a passenger plane from Russia crashed again recently.  

As my person informed herself via TV, already some years ago an American pilot credibly encountered an alien species during a flight, which was able to switch off all electronics of the pilot's leading aircraft!

This means that every passenger aircraft must be upgraded to at least one mechanical emergency circuit, for example for opening various parachutes of the fuselage, and the wheels must  be upgraded to mechanically extend, too.

The weight of the aircraft for using parachutes will be able to be kept as mentioned due to the reduced baggage according to the occupation of the passengers!

A combination of a modern jet aircraft with at least one large propeller without propulsion by electronics would also be noted, while the oxygen supply* of the oxygen masks for the emergency of the passengers should also be upgraded, as already communicated in one of my homepages.

So my person wishes that all the so-called responsible people will also think a little more about other people, for example, just today about the people in Haiti in the slums, because the next epidemic is sure to come!

My person also wishes that people like Mrs. Merkel as Chancellor or like the Austrian Chancellor Mr. Kurz as a young man will understand that there is another higher Authority and that not Mr. Kurz or Mrs. Merkel stand at the end of the chain of responsibility and thus touch close to the real power, but there are quite others!   

With kind regards   

Ursula Sabisch   


HP: In spite of this, my person would have liked to see Mrs. Merkel as a high diplomat and Mr. Kurz as a representative of the young people in the distribution of power with regard to worldwide diplomacy, whereby fortunately Europe and now also the USA can show some good politicians, but this will not change the fact that the villas and expensive houses of Europe and subsequently all over the world will be cleared immediately for the needy refugee families by the Monumental-Cudgel of my person!

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