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A Ray of Light on the Horizon


Dear Readers,

Fortunately, there are still people in the world who take action when something essential is not right.

This includes people from all over the world, such as people in Hong Kong, Latin America or, as here, taken from the Internet and described, people from Stuttgart.

All over the world, people are protesting against injustice, and some of them are also risking their lives for the right and freedom, which have an effect particularly abroad!

Fortunately, this is still the reality, but for compelling reasons that are demonstrably present, all the states of the world should immediately unite and, if possible, take all the people with them!
As far as possible, no one, including a state criminal, a mafiosi or a terrorist should be excluded!

That would be the announcement for the Second Advent for all!

Excerpt from the internet:

More than 500 people demonstrated in Stuttgart on Saturday against wars, environmental destruction, causes of flight and isolation. An alliance of 40 organisations had called for the demonstration. "The slogan was "For a world in which no one has to flee - time to act!

Climate, peace and sea rescue movements were represented. Posters, banners and umbrellas read: "No one is illegal", "Flight has causes", "Sea rescue is not a crime". With a view to the dangerous escape routes to Europe, the demonstrators placed crosses on the central Schlossplatz for the refugees who drowned in the Mediterranean.

A march of climate and peace activists and supporters of refugee organisations. 

The press spokesperson of the demo alliance, Lena Mandel, had previously stressed that causes of flight such as war and environmental destruction also emanate from Germany.

"Through arms exports, deployments of the Bundeswehr in crisis areas, but also through the destruction of the environment and the climate by German corporations, people in other countries are forced to flee."

Supporters of the demonstration include the German Trade Union Confederation, the Verdi trade union, Fridays for Future Stuttgart, the Stuttgart district association of the Left Party, Seebrücke Stuttgart and the Baden-Württemberg Refugee Council.